Our Approach

At Lifetime Planning, it is our vision to assist families in the optimization, protection, and empowerment of their human, intellectual and financial assets, thus providing greater clarity, balance, focus and confidence with ongoing accountability to enrich quality of life without giving up choice and control. We specialize in helping our clients develop a comprehensive strategy that fits their goals and objectives as identified through the “Discovery Experience Process”.

The Discovery Experience

Initial Discovery: Identifies the What and Why 

The discovery process begins with listening. Why are you here? What are you trying to accomplish? Are you seeking guidance on asset allocation and diversification, tax planning strategies, estate planning, family and charitable gifting, or meeting long term care needs for a loved one?

'R' Factor Experience: Identifies Dangers, Opportunities & Strengths

This is where “The Discovery Experience” begins. During this exercise, dangers, opportunities and strengths are identified. If this sounds like financial planning, it is.

Data Gathering: Provides Organization & Current Financial Snapshot

We gather pertinent financial information using a specially designed questionnaire. In this meeting, we identify all known and controllable variables. For example, age, cash flow, investment and retirement accounts, pensions, Social Security benefits and applicable tax rates.

Target goals are set. This is the dollar amount desired at some future point to maintain one's lifestyle. By setting these goals and understanding the risks inherent with various investments, we can determine the probability of reaching such goals.

Plan Preparation: Data Clarity & Direction

Only after goals have been set, can we attempt to solve the unknown variables such as time, savings and expenditures. This analysis helps us determine the probability of achieving these goals using various investment allocations. Our goal is to focus on the investment strategy that has the highest probability of achieving the stated result and understanding the associated risks. 

Plan Review/Implementation: Creates an Action Plan & Timeline

During this meeting, the plan is reviewed and refined. Once expectations are clear, a strategic investment plan can be implemented. This is a long-term strategic plan with the highest statistical degree of outcome.

Plan Monitoring: Monitors Success of Plan and Adjusts to Changes

Quarterly and/or annual reviews are critical to the success of the plan. Life brings many changes and it is important to stay on track.